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Rose hip red

Colour perception
By mixing various hues your child can find out how colours change and how they are generated in the first place. The colour wheel will help you illustrate the laws of colour mixing. Once your child experiences the feeling of personally mixing and inventing new colours, he or she will surely also become inspired to head for new horizons by exploring their everyday environment. A red curtain drawn across the window floods the room with red light, cocoa gives milk a brown colour, while hose hip tea makes water red.
Your child will quickly find out that the word „red“ does not suffice to refer to all possible shades of this colour. Promote your kid’s creativity and joy of discovery by accompanying your child on his or her quest to observe colour mixtures in everyday life and invent new words for self-created colour mixtures.

Colour perception

A wonderful game for you and your child: Together you will invent a whole new range of fancy colours.