Playing & Learning

GRIP Erasable crayons - Spontaneousness with pens

Erase colours

erase colour

Erasable wax crayons are easily removed from paper. 

Project: Stars in the sky 
Draw lots of colours on your paper. Cover them with dark blue and cut out a cardboard star template. Put the star onto the coloured in area and rub out the picture around the edges of the star.



Children can discover their environment and learn about different structures in a playful way. 

Project: Classroom forensics 
Take a piece of paper and crayons and take paper rubbings of various surfaces in your classroom. Cut an animal out of the paper and mount it onto coloured paper.

Mixing method

mixing method

You can paint over wax crayons easily without affecting them. 

Project: Water circles 
If you throw stones into water, the surface of the water ripples in overlapping circles. Draw these circles with dark crayons. Then draw in the surface with light poster paints.

GRIP Erasable crayons - Spontaneousness with pens

Mix colours: Dark on light

mix colours: dark on light

The 3D effect of an object can be created using colour intensity. 

Project: Still life / my favourite fruit 
Draw a bowl and your favourite fruit in one colour to start with. Then try to get the fruit and the bowl to look three dimensional by applying dark colours to the areas in shadow.



Dark colours completely cover lighter shades. These are then made visible again by scratching away the dark colour. 

Project: Leaves in autumn 
Draw lots of leaves in red, yellow and orange. Then cover the whole area with a rich green colour. Use a toothpick to scratch the veins of the leaf out.

Watercolour mixing technique

watercolour mixing technique

Children learn how wax crayons repel water. 

Project: Colourful kites in the sky 
Use crayons to draw clouds and beautiful kites dancing around in the sky. You can then colour in the sky with poster paints without painting over your kite.