New GRIP markers

Ergonomic, versatile and with exceptional German quality: GRIP markers

The new GRIP MARKER range from Faber-Castell combines unique, ergonomic design with cost-effectiveness. It comprises four indispensable tools in easy-to-use magnum format, specially designed for different surfaces in the office or at home. All four models share the characteristic GRIP design, the ergonomic triangular shape with raised dot grip zone to maintain a secure hold and sustained comfort. This makes the pens easy to work with even for long periods.

Weatherproof, light-resistant and offering excellent adhesion, thePERMANENTMARKER is ideal for writing on surfaces such as glass, wood, card and metal. TheFLIPCHARTMARKER is the ideal marker for professional presentations. If you want the option of correcting or erasing your notes, then the WHITEBOARD-MARKERwith sturdy round tip is perfect. The translucent TEXT-MARKER is designed for use on standard and special papers and comes in a range of brilliant colours. With its sturdy wedge tip, it is available in three different line widths for precision highlighting.

All four GRIP MARKERS offer exceptional performance. When the ink runs out, simply insert the appropriate refill and the self-regulating capillary system will refill itself automatically. As well as being highly efficient, the GRIP MARKERS are therefore also kinder to the environment.