Thế giới kỳ diệu của bút chì màu và bút vẽ màu.

Stunning effects

Your child’s creativity and eagerness to experiment are stimulated when he or she experiences and explores the effect of juxtaposed colours and colour mixing in many different ways. This may sensitise your child to the multitude of means of expression offered by painting and drawing implements. Using a paintbrush and poster colours he or she tends to cover large areas by performing gross motor movements. Smaller areas, exact details and transparent colours may be dealt with by referring to watersoluble pencils. By adding wax crayons or salt your child will obtain extraordinary effects which might encourage him or her to venture even further. As wax crayons are not watersoluble, your child should first of all sketch the outlines, then colour the respective areas and finally apply a wash.
Water solubility
Extraordinary effects by applying different materials: 1. Watercolours, 2. Watersoluble pencils, 3. Wax crayons